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NEW web site comming soon! We are very excited to have things so close to being complete and running again. We thank you for your continued support and patience during our transition.

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You should know: We will have a fantastic "How To" section where you can learn powerful tricks and shortcuts to crystal clear Nitrate free water.

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Aquarium products for a cleaner water.

This is your complete source for learning everything you need to know about nitrates and how they affect the quality of your aquarium water. Here at we specialize in de-nitrification and concentrate everything we know into creating and perfecting the best de-nitrification systems available and at the best lowest cost. By specializing in one product, all of our research and development goes into one thing - removing nitrates from your closed water system. We ensure that each stage of denitrification in your system will function fantastic for years to come because all of our denitrator's are carefully hand assembled right here in the USA and tested before they leave our hands to enter your aquatic system.

Here you will learn exactly how our device works to archive de-nitrification in a simple to setup, use and maintain in our easy "set and forget" setup kit. Not only is the device safe to use in your system but actually creates a more natural environment for your aquarium. In nature Mangrove trees and Calurpa grass naturally denitrifies the ocean water and recreating that action in a closed system is exactly what your fish need to flourish. "How does nature handle it" is a good question to always have in the back of your mind when you are caring for your aquatic animals. These questions are what we will focus on throughout this site.

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